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All You Need to Know about Gelixir Soak off Gel Colors

Gelixir is a fast-rising company that produces nail care products of the best quality. Gelixir, primarily famous for its Soak-off polishes, also known as Gel Colors. Their Gel Colors are rich, and they last longer, which makes them very reliable. And at the same time, they sell at pocket-friendly prices.

gelixir gel colors

Gelixir has a presence in over 100 countries around the globe. They produce other nail care products like Lacquers, Polishes, and so on. Their products have been praised by numerous people and organizations worldwide because they are some of the world's best.

Gelixir gel nail polish are made using a formula that makes the nail glossier than regular polishes. It may not be easy to select the best system when you want to get a manicure. But Gel manicure is a simple system that employs a brush-on technique that gives a top-tier result than regular polishes.

It is imperative to ensure the gel manicure is correctly applied as there is nothing more painful than a manicure that does not last. Gel colors do not usually chip off except when it is not appropriately used.

False Opinions about Gelixir Gel Colors

It is quite a general opinion among customers of gel manicures that gel colors leave the nails in a mess after removal. This opinion is not entirely true; it can only be valid when the customer does not follow the due process of removing a gel color manicure. With Gelixir gel, the removal process takes 10 minutes or less when done correctly. Some customers avoid gel manicures because acetone is needed to remove the gel manicure, leaving the skin dry. But all polish removers, gel, or not have acetone in the components. And there are other options or gel removers that do not use acetone.

Another opinion that seems to be general is that gel manicures do not support nail arts. Contrary to what is believed by many people, many other customers have tried nail arts on their Gel color manicures, and they turned out to be splendid. Gelixir produces some special design gels that have radiant colors to support nail art designs. These gels use a unique technique called 'flash curing'; this technique allows the customers to have the nail arts precisely the way they want it.

Also, some people believe that LED lights are dangerous and steer away from gel colors. But this assertion is utterly wrong because they created LED lights. After all, customers noticed that UV lights have adverse health effects on customers. LED lights are used to cure the gel color in gel manicures, and they are not harmful.

Advantages of Gelixir Gel Colors

Gel colors are growing fast in popularity among nail care product users. Some of the reasons why gel colors are the preferred choice for many these days are in the list below:

  1. Gel colors last longer than regular nail polishes. They last between 3 to 4 weeks on average.
  2. Gel colors dry faster even before you leave the salon. And it means that the manicure would not chip or get smeared off.
  3. Gel colors allow customers to try different beautiful nail arts. Nail arts are applied quickly to gel manicures, even better than regular polishes.
  4. Gel color has a lasting freshness; it looks fresh from the moment of application till you decide to take it off.
  5. Gel color is the closest the nail care industry has gotten to making natural nail care products.

Disadvantages of Gelixir Gel colors

As much as gel colors have advantages, there are also some disadvantages attached to them. Some of the disadvantages are listed below; continue reading to find out about them.One of the gel manicure processes is nail buffing so the gel can stick better to the nails. But the nail buffing has some minus to it because it makes the nail thinner the more you do gel manicures.

The removal process has some harmful sides because you need to soak the nails in acetone for up to ten minutes. And acetone makes the nails dry.

In some rare cases, there is a risk of getting an infection from the process if the correct procedures are not followed. But this is in sporadic cases.

Gel colors can also lead to nail breakage.

You would need to stay away from manicures for up to six weeks, according to specialists, before you can be allowed to revert to regular polishes.


Respecting women take great care of their hands because there is nothing more beautiful than a bright manicure. But at the same time, the manicure needs to be done correctly to ensure that the beauty does not fade away in a short time.

As it has been shown in the article above, everything has its advantages and disadvantages. Gelixir soak off colors made sure to weigh more on the side of the benefits.

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