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What is your medicine?
Cacao is the rawest, naked ingredient of chocolate...a bean of the Gods!
A bitter fruit from the jungles of South America that have been used to access enlightenment, connect to God consciousness, nourish the body with magnesium/iron/antioxidents, activate the heart chakra, release feel good endorphins in the brain like serotonin and dopamine, and much much more! 

History & Benefits

Cacao is often referred to as the "bean of the Gods' and for 1000s of years in the Mayan lands, Alchemists have known that Cacao can unlock the secrets to the Soul... 

An Indigenous myth recalls that when the Earth and its people are out of balance, the cacao/sacred chocolate will come out of the rainforest to open peoples hearts and return the planet to a state of harmony and balance. Cacao can be utilized to expedite inner work, facilitating creative energy, yet its different to other plant medicines in that it does not carry you away on a journey, but rather supports you wherever you are, amplifying whatever is happening inside. The ceremony is an experience in multi-dimensional group energy.

Through the medium of CACAO, we find a space of true connection where our essence reveals itself and opens to profound nourishment.

Ceremonial Cacao is strong and bitter; it detoxifies and cleanses the liver. With over 300 individual ingredients, cacao truly is a superfood. It is amongst the richest sources of magnesium. After the release of dopamine, endorphins, tryptophan, phenylethylamine and serotonin, is the release of anandamide. When you consume Cacao prepared for Ceremony using high quality raw cacao all the mood enhancing neuro chemicals in Cacao become particularly active. Most people report feeling a sensation of peace or extreme focus in the safe open space of the ceremony with the elixir of love.

Snuggle Truffles 
This truffle will melt your heart where you feel deep peace, ecstatic joy, and relief from pain and cramping.

ashwaganda          maca           raw honey          cacao          tumeric     

vanilla bean          nutmeg          cayenne pepper        coconut oil

$3 each      or      Gift Box of 3 $10

Breathe Love Truffles

This truffle will open the heart and lungs, alleviating congestion and coughing, clearing the sinuses and mental body. 

ginger         peppermint        osho root         cayenne pepper         

tumeric         maca         cacao          raw honey         coconut oil

 $4 each   or    Gift Box of 3 $13

Experience the rich benefits of eating a Raw Cacao Medicine Ball.

Made with 14 medicinal plants and superfoods to nourish your body, heart, and spirit with the essentials for vitality, bliss, and  well being.   A delightful and rich treat to boost the immune system, awaken the heart chakra, ease pain and stress, reduce inflammation, and melt you into presence, peace and joy.

 Ashwaganda     Raw Cacao     Cayenne pepper    Cinnamon     Nutmeg     Chaga mushroom      Coconut oil      Medjool dates       Ginger root    Golden raisons       Raw honey      Tumeric      Maca powder      Moringa  tree    


 $5 Each   or    Buy 5 for $25