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Red And Blue Light Therapies For Looking Young And Beautiful

Red-Light Therapy

Red light therapy is now famous as a no side effect therapy for anti-aging. Reversing the aging signs has been the never-ending pursuit of the modern man, and after due research, they discovered the uses of red light. Prominent researchers have been involved in the discovery and claim to produce results for sure. As red-light therapy has been recommended as safe, at home red light therapy devices are flooding the market.

red blue led light

Red light has some proven results as below:

  • Tissue repair
  • Inflammation reduction
  • Wounds heal faster
  • Repairs sun damage
  • Helps increase collagen
  • Reduces spots and wrinkles

Many More Such Benefits Are Possible With Red-Light

Red lasers that produce low light have wavelengths that can penetrate the human body and revitalizing it at the cellular level causing all sorts of positive effects. The only known danger it is said to have is that your eyes may be sensitive to the light when you stare at it directly for a long time. Closing your eyes or wearing safety glasses is the remedy.

The reasons to choose red-light therapy are as follows.

  • You do not intake any medicine
  • No surgical procedures required
  • Incidence of light does not cause any pain
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Safe for kids and babies also with safety precautions for eyes
  • No known side effects
  • Approved by FDA

As it has many valuable benefits and is safe to use, this technology paved way into homes apart from beauty salons and skin care hospitals. You can achieve the same results by using at home red light therapy machines. They are more economical and affordable than the treatments at expensive facilities. Devices of various sizes like few feet high light boards to handheld devices are available in the market. You just need to remember that the more prominent devices need less time, and the smaller devices need more time to have the effect they are claiming.

Blue Light Therapy

Blue light is used in various medical applications, and it also has terrific skin-related benefits. Though the reasons to consider blue light treatment are pretty much similar to the red light, blue light is not penetrative like a red light. Blue light reaches only the surface of the human body and can work only on the outer layer of the skin or the layer just below it. It can treat problems as big as skin cancer as common as acne.

What To Expect?

Blue light therapy has multiple applications, and after treatment usually, some sort of unpleasant skin reactions may follow but only mildly painful. The skin may be bruised or pealing for a week or a couple of weeks. Skin will be sensitive and follow doctors’ advice about going into the sun and facing harsh UV rays as your skin may not yet be ready for it.  The good news is it is temporary, and after healing, it does not leave a scar or bruise.


Apart from serious issues, it also treats common but hard to address acne problems. Acne blue light devices produce pulses that kill the bacteria beneath the skin. These are tiny little devices that fit into your palm and are easy to use. The affordable and handy blue light that heals acne can be taken with you anywhere and can be used whenever you want to.

Safety Of Light Therapies

Both the light therapies have their ups and downs as red light has auspicious results yet costly and blue light is affordable, but not all procedures can be done at home. Though they work on different issues of skin, the most liked devices are acne blue light devices that treat acne.

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