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Customer Testimonials

Willow is great! She gives a very hypnotic spiritual massage while treating each muscle group with special care. I could not be more pleased.
    Candice M.

Willow was so kind and gentle, my Thai massage was exactly what I needed. I'm not always okay with being touched but this was a great experience that felt natural and flowed up and down my body. The sounds of different crystal bowls and the warm herbal pillows were a bonus that added up to a relaxing and rejuvenating experience.
      Ashely  T.

Since my massage therapist moved 18 months ago, I have searched for a therapist who could apply the correct pressure yet allow me to feel relaxed and energized. My search is complete. When you enter Willow's room, you experience a sense of calmness and serenity which carries over to her massage. This is just the beginning. Willow customizes her work and truly strives to make this an enjoyable experiance. The hot-stone massage has to be the premier--- the combination of the warm stones and focused pressure is exhilarating.  My job can be extremely stressful and my sessions with Willow provide the much needed "me" time. Her thoughtfulness extends beyond the massage and she has offered suggestions on nutrition and relaxation. My monthly massage cannot come fast enough.
    Nancy M.

Exceptional experience. Willow is gifted, packed with arsenal of knowledge when it comes to bodywork and reiki energy. She is multi talented and just always winds up finding the right spots to make you feel great. She's very motivated to making sure your needs are met. She has a great attitude and loves everyone. Her touch is world class and she is totally present in her heart. Thanks for sharing your gifts. Make your next appointment with her before she books up.
   Kyle F.

I have had lots of massages, but the one I got from Willow was different. It's very obvious that everything she does has a purpose, that she's not just following a routine. I have seen her twice and I am hooked! She is so friendly and genuine and obviously believes in what she is doing! I highly recommend her!
Kathy S.


We hired Willow for an office chair massage for all the employees in the office. She did a wonderful job, everyone was beyond pleased with their massage. Not only were the massages great, but the atmosphere she created was extremely relaxing. Can't recommend her enough. We will definitely be hiring her again in the future.

Andrea L.

Great Experience with Brittany! I will be a return customer. The atmosphere that she created was wonderful and relaxing.The massage was very professional and calming.

Margaret K.