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The Right Way to Tan Different Parts of Your Body

Different body parts have to be tanned with a different technique. This is very important to know and implement because every part of the body has a different type of skin texture. In some areas, the circulation of blood is faster and cells are much softer. These areas pick up tan quickly. Similarly, some body parts have clogged pores or poor perfusion which makes it difficult for them to develop a darker tan in a short time. For this purpose, you should have knowledge about how to get different parts of the body tanned in the right way. For this purpose, the following article will be very helpful for you.

Tan Different Parts Your Body

How to Get an Attractive Tan on Your Face

Talking about the face first, it is the first body part that anyone notices. A minor mistake while tanning can become very much apparent and noticeable to everyone. So it is very important to be careful while applying tan on your face.

While applying the tan, always start from a small amount. Do not apply a whole lot of tan all at once. Apply a little bit first and check out how much darker you want your skin tone to be. I suggest you not go for extremely darker shades in the beginning. Once you have done tanning for a few times, then you can gradually increase the tone of your facial tan.

Also, try to apply as much even as possible. Spread the product thoroughly and do not overlay multiple applications.

Next comes the tanning lotion. It is highly encouraged to go for the best indoor tanning lotion for face. It will help your skin gain moisture and stay soft. It also keeps your tan vibrant for a long time. If you are not using a tanning lotion, half of your effort on tanning is wasted. So go for it.

What's Easier? Face or Body?

Where it might seem that tanning your face is the most difficult, there are other body parts as well that are equally hard to tackle with. Especially the areas where there are curves and folds. Areas like legs, neck and underarms need to be tanned very carefully because the folds in these parts can create patches of tan. For example, if you are tanning your legs, you need to be extra vigilant while applying it on the underside of your knees. That area has to be bent when you move around so if the tan isn’t properly dried out, it can form creases. Well, using the best self tanner for legs can solve this problem for you. It will cover all the spots of your legs evenly and won’t let any patch to be formed. Similarly, for other body parts, you need to pick up the product depending upon the shape and physiology of that area.

Some Tips That Might Be Helpful

Here I'll highlight some important tips that you might find helpful.

  1. While tanning, first checkout if there are any sensitive body parts or there is an inflamed area. Do not directly apply tan on that spot as it might cause infection.
  2. Clean out your skin properly to avoid clogged pores and dead skin.
  3. Protect your tan from sunlight and radiation. This will keep your tan for a long time without fading away.
  4. Keep it highly moisturized so that your skin remains soft and supple.


Different parts of the body are made differently. So each one of them has unique requirements for handling. Especially for tanning, it is important to know how to get a specific part tanned correctly. The instructions given above will assist you when you are tanning your entire body. Have a good tan day!

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