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Look Dewy Even with Dry Skin

We all want to have that soft and supple skin that will glow from inside, right? But all the beauties with dry skin may think they cannot achieve that glow because of their skin type. Then let me tell you that you are wrong because it is very much possible.

dry skin

No matter which skin type you belong to, you can have youthful skin; the thing that you need to consider is determination and consistency.

Causes of Dry Skin

First, let's start with looking into the core reason that you may work on to get rid of the problem permanently. Although it's not a problem, it's a condition that sometimes maybe changeable as well.

  1. You should ask your parents or your grandparents for that matter, as it can be because of DNA. Then you don't have any other choice than to take care of it. You cannot change your DNA, so you cannot change the skin type caused by it.
  2. You don't take care of your health can also be a reason. By health, I mean your eating habit. Include fruits and vegetables that have a water content in them. You can also add natural and healthy fats to your daily diet to get the glow intact. Try to cut down foods that are not so skin-friendly, like alcohol, fast food, soda even coffee, which can cause dryness in your skin.
  3. Water is an essential factor when it comes to the health of the skin. I hope you are drinking plenty of water every day as it can change your skin quality on a visible level. Sometimes not drinking water for too long can cause dry skin as well. Make sure you keep this in mind and keep drinking water. You can even install apps that will keep reminding you of drinking water.
  4. If your skin condition is normal, but it tends to become dry during season change or the winter season, then you don't have to worry at all. A temporary dry skin like this can be treated easily with skincare products. Just change the products, as these days there are different type of products for various skin type is already present. If you are using products for the typical skin type, but suddenly because of some reasons, it became dry, then change products for that specific type immediately to avoid discomfort anymore.

Skincare Routine

Following a proper skincare routine is essential if you genuinely want to achieve healthy skin. I think you already know all the steps, but I am here to remind you one more time.

Cleansing: The first step you need to follow is to have a proper cleanser for your dry skin. Some face wash can dry your skin, even more, so choose wisely. You can even go for cleansers like cleansing milk or oil cleansing sometimes. Try not to wash your face with water for more than thrice, as it can dry up your skin severely.

Toning: Some may avoid this step, it may seem unnecessary, but it has a fantastic effect if used properly. Toner for dry skin can be an excellent solution for you. A right toner for your skin can heal the damage little by little after prolonged use because it can sip deep into the skin quickly.

Moisturizer: A moisturizer has two different things to balance the skin. Hydration and oil percentage that helps keep your skin healthy. A perfect moisturizer can completely change your skin; you just need to be persistent about it. Use a night cream if necessary, or you can just slap on some moisturizer before going to bed.


I know makeup can be tempting but at least try to use it to a limitation as it can cause dryness to your skin if used daily. You can go for organic tinted moisturizer as a substitute. Even some BB cream can be a good choice as well.


Every skin condition can look amazing if taken care of properly externally and internally. Don't worry because even if you have dry skin, you can get that glow if you are willing to invest some energy.

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