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All You Need to Know about Stick and Poke Tattoo Method

Stick and poke tattoo method is the most widely used tattoo designing technique. It allows the designer a great deal of hold and grip on the design. Since there is no machine involved, it is much easier to focus on small rounds and curves. Also, the chances of mistakes are much less as compared to machine operated designing. Since most people go for the stick and poke method of tattoo designing, we thought it would be ideal if we brought you some basic tips about the technique. So let's check them out.

stick and poke tattoo method

Tattoo Inks You Need to Check Out

The first question that might arise in everyone's mind is, what kind of ink to use for stick and poke? As the process is a bit different, it uses special types of inks. These inks should have the property to penetrate instantly into the skin. Also, they should be thick enough to be easily picked up by needle. Here are a few of the famous tattoo inks used for the stick and poke method. You should definitely give these a try.

Kuro Sumi Tattoo Ink

Kuro Sumi is a Japanese origin tattoo ink. It comes in both pre mixed and unmixed forms. Its bright and radiant colors are perfect for every type of tattoo design. It has been used by professionals since ages.

Dynamic Black Tattoo Ink

Dynamic tattoo ink is a trusted brand worldwide. Due to its amazing shading and blending abilities, it creates awesome designs. The product is easy to use and goes perfectly with the stick and poke method. The color remains vibrant and bright for a long time and you do not have to worry about its fading out.

Bloodline Tattoo Ink

Bloodline tattoo ink produces rich and dark colors. It is a primary choice of tattoo artists to perform the stick and poke tattoo technique. The ink instantly penetrates and dries into the body cells. This product gives you the perfect shading, blending and tribal designing of the tattoo.

BAODELI Tattoo Ink

BAODELI tattoo ink is ready to use and easy to apply. It gives you the perfectly attractive tattoo detailing. The consistency of the ink is thick yet flowy which is easy to handle while designing. You can go for the most bold to the simplest designs with this ink. It is ideal even for the meticulous detailing.

Some Important Tips to Remember

There are some other important things to remember too while choosing the stick and poke tattoo method.

Firstly, you should use a very good and powerful numbing product on your skin. This is because the process is relatively slower as compared to mechanical tattooing. It is not desirable that the numbing fades away after some time.

You should also use a good tattoo balm on your spot. This will loosen up your skin cells and make it easier for the artist to ink the design.

Cover your tattoo with a good bandage. It should be such that it allows your cells to breathe and does not congest them.

Since the process is totally manual, it is extremely important to use a tattoo aftercare lotion. It will prevent any potential infections and wounds from occurring. Also, your tattoo will heal way faster than you expect.


Before going for a stick and poke tattoo method, it is important to know about the basics. After you have a sound knowledge of it, you are good to go. All the tips are extremely helpful and are being used by professionals. Adopt these and enjoy the tattoo of your desire.

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