Enchanted Heart

Transformation comes from changing within. 
                                             Enlighten and Embody your truth, your freedom, your wild nature!

Meet Willow

An enchanted spirit who weaves western, eastern, native american and ancient wisdom/techniques into creating a happy and heartFULL life by embodying the art of prescense, ritual and consciously living. My mission is to be an instrument of sound, healing touch, loving kindness, and flame of love; lighting the way for all to find their truth and purpose on this Earth in this life in this sacred temple that houses our spirit, the body. . She will inspire, uplift and break you free from the roots of your pain, creative blocks, trauma, suffering and or issues in the tissues through a variety of mastered modalities of taking you out of your unconscious mind strengthening your conscious mind and aligning with your high self being in harmonious flow and bliss. Over 9 years experience as a licensed Massage Therapist, 3 years offering Reiki & Energy medicine, and the last 2 years of Thai Yoga Massage, Crystal Singing Bowl Meditations, Heart Blossoming Yoga, Yin Tent gatherings, and Sacred Cacao Alchemy and Ceremonies.

Only raw, pure ingredients are used during your sessions. 

Willow uses Young Living Essential Oils for aromatherapy.

Book your private session and or attend a class for an earth based, heart opening and transformative experience and healing. 

     Open your mind & heart. ReWILD your soul for freedom!

Bring Cacao Ceremonies, Crystal Singing Bowl Mediations and or Thai Yoga Massage to your festival, studio and our private home/land and enrich and enliven your community, family, friends.

Spring into Wellbeing

 Transformation & Detox Program

Commit to 8 session for a total body mind spirit rebirth!


This program is designed to bring your back into balance, structural alignment, mental clarity, spiritual connection, and total body detoxification. 

Why 8 sessions? It takes about 8 sessions to unbind and change the muscle memory response, mental and habitual patterns, and or energetic frequency. 

This plan is personalized just for you... 1 hour or 90 minute sessions available.

In the beginning of each session you will be guided into a deeply relaxed state through guided breath and sound healing from the crystal or tibetan singing bowls to entrain your brainwave state for mind/body/spirit healing. Whether you need Thai Yoga Massage, Myo-fascial Release, Cranio-sacral Therapy, Reiki, Sound Healing, or meditation class you will awaken to being free of pain and filled with life force energy. Willow also Uses warm mineral basalt stones and gemstones to pull out toxins, body aches, and bring awareness to specific energy centers on the body.  Schedule your time to find peace... bringing that smile into your heart again. After each session you will receive personalized self care tools to help keep you stay in this open and relaxed state in-between your sessions. 

Savor a warm cup of tea and float on, begin the season with a soul glow and bounty of life force energy

For sale at %10 OFF when prepaid in total at first appointment! 
Expires in 3 months.

*8 one hour massage plan $576

*8 ninety minute massage plan $864

(price is included with the 10% discount)