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The Right Way to Tan Different Parts of Your Body

Different body parts have to be tanned with a different technique. This is very important to know and implement because every part of the body has a different type of skin texture. In some areas, the circulation of blood is faster and cells are much softer. These areas pick up tan quickly. Similarly, some body parts have clogged pores or poor perfusion which makes it difficult for them to develop a darker tan in a short time. For this purpose, you should have knowledge about how to get different parts of the body tanned in the right way. For this purpose, the following article will be very helpful for you.

Tan Different Parts Your Body

How to Get an Attractive Tan on Your Face

Talking about the face first, it is the first body part that anyone notices. A minor mistake while tanning can become very much apparent and noticeable to everyone. So it is very important to be careful while applying tan on your face.

While applying the tan, always start from a small amount. Do not apply a whole lot of tan all at once. Apply a little bit first and check out how much darker you want your skin tone to be. I suggest you not go for extremely darker shades in the beginning. Once you have done tanning for a few times, then you can gradually increase the tone of your facial tan.

Also, try to apply as much even as possible. Spread the product thoroughly and do not overlay multiple applications.

Next comes the tanning lotion. It is highly encouraged to go for the best indoor tanning lotion for face. It will help your skin gain moisture and stay soft. It also keeps your tan vibrant for a long time. If you are not using a tanning lotion, half of your effort on tanning is wasted. So go for it.

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The Easiest Ways to Keep Your Skin Fresh and Protected for Longer

Clean, clear and fresh skin gives a lot of boost to your personality. It enhances the attraction on your look and makes you feel active. As age progresses, skin starts losing its freshness and vibrance. Skin cells start losing their flexibility and become dull. It is very important to keep your skin fresh and protected from harmful agents. The more you protect yourself from radiation, dirt and grime, the better your skin looks for a longer time. All these factors are the prime determinants of skin's health. These are supposed to be addressed responsibly and promptly. We compiled a few suggestions for you to consider in order to keep your skin fresh, vibrant and safe from all the dangerous effects.

Easiest ways to keep your skin fresh

Which Products You Need to Try Right Now

In order to keep your skin safe and healthy, here are our top picks of products that are beneficial.

Firstly, make sure you regularly use sunscreen. It will create a barrier between your skin and all the radiation. In this way, your skin cells will stay protected and safe. A sunscreen that comes with moisturising ability is way better than an ordinary one.

The second most important thing is oil control. A lot of people lose their skin's radiance and freshness because of excessive oil breakout. For this purpose, we suggest you use the face wipes for oily skin. Use them to remove your makeup or clean your face. These wipes will absorb all the produced oil and will refresh your skin. You should always have them with you for quick and instant use.

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All You Need to Know about Gelixir Soak off Gel Colors

Gelixir is a fast-rising company that produces nail care products of the best quality. Gelixir, primarily famous for its Soak-off polishes, also known as Gel Colors. Their Gel Colors are rich, and they last longer, which makes them very reliable. And at the same time, they sell at pocket-friendly prices.

gelixir gel colors

Gelixir has a presence in over 100 countries around the globe. They produce other nail care products like Lacquers, Polishes, and so on. Their products have been praised by numerous people and organizations worldwide because they are some of the world's best.

Gelixir gel nail polish are made using a formula that makes the nail glossier than regular polishes. It may not be easy to select the best system when you want to get a manicure. But Gel manicure is a simple system that employs a brush-on technique that gives a top-tier result than regular polishes.

It is imperative to ensure the gel manicure is correctly applied as there is nothing more painful than a manicure that does not last. Gel colors do not usually chip off except when it is not appropriately used.

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All You Need to Know about Stick and Poke Tattoo Method

Stick and poke tattoo method is the most widely used tattoo designing technique. It allows the designer a great deal of hold and grip on the design. Since there is no machine involved, it is much easier to focus on small rounds and curves. Also, the chances of mistakes are much less as compared to machine operated designing. Since most people go for the stick and poke method of tattoo designing, we thought it would be ideal if we brought you some basic tips about the technique. So let's check them out.

stick and poke tattoo method

Tattoo Inks You Need to Check Out

The first question that might arise in everyone's mind is, what kind of ink to use for stick and poke? As the process is a bit different, it uses special types of inks. These inks should have the property to penetrate instantly into the skin. Also, they should be thick enough to be easily picked up by needle. Here are a few of the famous tattoo inks used for the stick and poke method. You should definitely give these a try.

Kuro Sumi Tattoo Ink

Kuro Sumi is a Japanese origin tattoo ink. It comes in both pre mixed and unmixed forms. Its bright and radiant colors are perfect for every type of tattoo design. It has been used by professionals since ages.

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Look Dewy Even with Dry Skin

We all want to have that soft and supple skin that will glow from inside, right? But all the beauties with dry skin may think they cannot achieve that glow because of their skin type. Then let me tell you that you are wrong because it is very much possible.

dry skin

No matter which skin type you belong to, you can have youthful skin; the thing that you need to consider is determination and consistency.

Causes of Dry Skin

First, let’s start with looking into the core reason that you may work on to get rid of the problem permanently. Although it’s not a problem, it’s a condition that sometimes maybe changeable as well.

  1. You should ask your parents or your grandparents for that matter, as it can be because of DNA. Then you don’t have any other choice than to take care of it. You cannot change your DNA, so you cannot change the skin type caused by it.
  2. You don’t take care of your health can also be a reason. By health, I mean your eating habit. Include fruits and vegetables that have a water content in them. You can also add natural and healthy fats to your daily diet to get the glow intact. Try to cut down foods that are not so skin-friendly, like alcohol, fast food, soda even coffee, which can cause dryness in your skin.
  3. Water is an essential factor when it comes to the health of the skin. I hope you are drinking plenty of water every day as it can change your skin quality on a visible level. Sometimes not drinking water for too long can cause dry skin as well. Make sure you keep this in mind and keep drinking water. You can even install apps that will keep reminding you of drinking water.
  4. If your skin condition is normal, but it tends to become dry during season change or the winter season, then you don’t have to worry at all. A temporary dry skin like this can be treated easily with skincare products. Just change the products, as these days there are different type of products for various skin type is already present. If you are using products for the typical skin type, but suddenly because of some reasons, it became dry, then change products for that specific type immediately to avoid discomfort anymore.

Skincare Routine

Following a proper skincare routine is essential if you genuinely want to achieve healthy skin. I think you already know all the steps, but I am here to remind you one more time.

Cleansing: The first step you need to follow is to have a proper cleanser for your dry skin. Some face wash can dry your skin, even more, so choose wisely. You can even go for cleansers like cleansing milk or oil cleansing sometimes. Try not to wash your face with water for more than thrice, as it can dry up your skin severely.

Toning: Some may avoid this step, it may seem unnecessary, but it has a fantastic effect if used properly. Toner for dry skin can be an excellent solution for you. A right toner for your skin can heal the damage little by little after prolonged use because it can sip deep into the skin quickly.

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Nugenesis Dip Nails - an Excellent Option This Season

When you discuss nail manicures, the first options that cross your minds are gel and acrylic polishes. Have you ever tried out dip powder nails? If not, this fall season is the perfect time for you to do so. Excellent products like Nugenesis dip powder is waiting for you to pick up and have a blast.

The advantages of dip powder manicure are many. Besides being durable and natural-looking, you have a fantastic range of colors, textures, and shades to choose from. There are constraints, as well, in the form of budget, time, and lifestyle. Nevertheless, a dip powder manicure is an excellent option to explore this fall.

nugenesis dip nails

Would you like to dive into the product immediately? Here is everything you should know about dip nails before adopting Nugenesis dip nails as the preferred option this fall.

What are dip nails?

Dip nail manicure is an ideal alternative to gel and acrylic nail polishes. The procedure for having a dip nail manicure is simple. It involves the regular trimming, shaping, and preparing your nails for a manicure that can last for around three to four weeks. You then use a basecoat to provide the ideal environment for the dip powder to stick to the nail surface. You have an extensive range of colors to choose from. The ideal way is to pour the powder onto the nail rather than dipping your nails into it.

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OPI Gel Color For Nails

There are so many colors of nail gels available in the market today, but when you're talking about top quality, I'll recommend OPI gel color as the best of them all. OPI gel color are the best solutions if you're looking for long-lasting polished nails that will retain their shine for up to a month. Getting OPI gel lacquer nails will sure change your manicuring for the better; however, there are some essential things you need to know before embarking on the journey that will help you transform your nails. First of all, for those who are new to nail beautification, let's begin with some of the basic things people need to know.

OPI Gel Lac.jpg

About OPI Gel Color Polish for Nails

If you're looking to try on OPI nail lacquers, then you'll have to know more about the OPI Gel Color Polish. The OPI Gel Color Polish for nails constitutes a colorful gel just like that of nail polish. It is a unique manicure with a special kind of brush-on formulation that gives your nails a brilliant, lasting shine and perfect finish. In terms of how long they last, the best OPI gel color and matching lacquer can stay glowing for 4weeks without any wear off. I know this seems quite convenient for you.

Gel Manicuring

I know some of you might sound confused here with the term "Gel manicuring". There is no much difference between the typical manicuring and the gel manicuring. What differentiates both is the curing. In between the coat, curing the color is the first approach to take before bringing a LED light over your nails. Note, this LED light is a particular type meant for this type of procedure.

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Red And Blue Light Therapies For Looking Young And Beautiful

Red-Light Therapy

Red light therapy is now famous as a no side effect therapy for anti-aging. Reversing the aging signs has been the never-ending pursuit of the modern man, and after due research, they discovered the uses of red light. Prominent researchers have been involved in the discovery and claim to produce results for sure. As red-light therapy has been recommended as safe, at home red light therapy devices are flooding the market.

red blue led light

Red light has some proven results as below:

  • Tissue repair
  • Inflammation reduction
  • Wounds heal faster
  • Repairs sun damage
  • Helps increase collagen
  • Reduces spots and wrinkles

Many More Such Benefits Are Possible With Red-Light

Red lasers that produce low light have wavelengths that can penetrate the human body and revitalizing it at the cellular level causing all sorts of positive effects. The only known danger it is said to have is that your eyes may be sensitive to the light when you stare at it directly for a long time. Closing your eyes or wearing safety glasses is the remedy.

The reasons to choose red-light therapy are as follows.

  • You do not intake any medicine
  • No surgical procedures required
  • Incidence of light does not cause any pain
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Safe for kids and babies also with safety precautions for eyes
  • No known side effects
  • Approved by FDA

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Get the Most from Essential Oils at a New Site, WellnessDart.com

Explore Willow's new site about aromatherapy and essential oils. She's been using pure essential oils to enhance massages for over a decade.

Now she's sharing practical tips, recipes, and reviews to make aromatherapy accessible for everyone.

  • Have you wondered which essential oil brands are trustworthy?
  • Or what oils are best for certain situations, like stress relief or sleep?

She's got the experience, and she's done the research to help you get started with aromatherapy.

Reviews to help you find what you need

One of the barriers to beginning with essential oils is not knowing what to buy. But the new site will remove your doubts.

You'll quickly understand which oils meet your needs.

Then you can delve into aromatherapy with a grin on your face!

Guidance on brands and products

There are lots of companies that sell essential oils now. Most of them claim to have "pure, therapeutic grade" products. Moreover, it seems like there are just as many diffusers on the market, too.

It's intimidating if you aren't familiar with brands, how oils are quality-tested, and so on.

But the new site already has in-depth reviews ready to guide you past the hype.

Recipes that solve problems

If you're tired of restless nights, there's a recipe for that.

Articles on the new site are packed with suggestions for blending oils to achieve desirable effects.

You're only a few drops away from relieving stress, feeling perkier, making your home feel more welcoming, and banishing allergy and cold symptoms.

The research is done, so come have fun!

Willow is pleased to share her knowledge of aromatherapy and essential oils with you. She's done the hard work to make it easier for you to enjoy optimum wellness.

Take a peek at WellnessDart.com today.

Then join in on the journey.

Meet Willow

An enchanted spirit who weaves western, eastern, native american and ancient wisdom/techniques into creating a happy and heartFULL life by embodying the art of prescense, ritual and consciously living. My mission is to be an instrument of sound, healing touch, loving kindness, and flame of love; lighting the way for all to find their truth and purpose on this Earth in this life in this sacred temple that houses our spirit, the body. . She will inspire, uplift and break you free from the roots of your pain, creative blocks, trauma, suffering and or issues in the tissues through a variety of mastered modalities of taking you out of your unconscious mind strengthening your conscious mind and aligning with your high self being in harmonious flow and bliss. Over 9 years experience as a licensed Massage Therapist, 3 years offering Reiki & Energy medicine, and the last 2 years of Thai Yoga Massage, Crystal Singing Bowl Meditations, Heart Blossoming Yoga, Yin Tent gatherings, and Sacred Cacao Alchemy and Ceremonies.

Only raw, pure ingredients are used during your sessions. 

Willow uses Young Living Essential Oils for aromatherapy.

Book your private session and or attend a class for an earth based, heart opening and transformative experience and healing. 

     Open your mind & heart. ReWILD your soul for freedom!

Bring Cacao Ceremonies, Crystal Singing Bowl Mediations and or Thai Yoga Massage to your festival, studio and our private home/land and enrich and enliven your community, family, friends.

Spring into Wellbeing

 Transformation & Detox Program

Commit to 8 session for a total body mind spirit rebirth!


This program is designed to bring your back into balance, structural alignment, mental clarity, spiritual connection, and total body detoxification. 

Why 8 sessions? It takes about 8 sessions to unbind and change the muscle memory response, mental and habitual patterns, and or energetic frequency. 

This plan is personalized just for you... 1 hour or 90 minute sessions available.

In the beginning of each session you will be guided into a deeply relaxed state through guided breath and sound healing from the crystal or tibetan singing bowls to entrain your brainwave state for mind/body/spirit healing. Whether you need Thai Yoga Massage, Myo-fascial Release, Cranio-sacral Therapy, Reiki, Sound Healing, or meditation class you will awaken to being free of pain and filled with life force energy. Willow also Uses warm mineral basalt stones and gemstones to pull out toxins, body aches, and bring awareness to specific energy centers on the body.  Schedule your time to find peace... bringing that smile into your heart again. After each session you will receive personalized self care tools to help keep you stay in this open and relaxed state in-between your sessions. 

Savor a warm cup of tea and float on, begin the season with a soul glow and bounty of life force energy

For sale at %10 OFF when prepaid in total at first appointment! 
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*8 one hour massage plan $576

*8 ninety minute massage plan $864

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